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Nickel Creek lyrics

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Nickel Creek Lyrics

Nickel Creek Chords

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Album Lyrics: Celebrants [2023]

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Creek Nickel
"Celebrants" [2023]

  1. Celebrants
  2. Strangers
  3. Water Under The Bridge, Pt. 1
  4. The Meadow
  5. Thinnest Wall
  6. Holding Pattern
  7. Where The Long Line Leads
  8. Goddamned Saint
  9. Stone's Throw
  10. Goddamned Saint (Reprise)
  11. From The Beach
  12. To The Airport
  13. Hollywood Ending
  14. New Blood
  15. Water Under The Bridge, Pt. 2
  16. Failure Isn't Forever

Album Lyrics: A Dotted Line [2014]

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Creek Nickel
"A Dotted Line" [2014]

  1. Rest of My Life
  2. Destination
  3. Christmas Eve
  4. Hayloft
  5. 21st of May
  6. Love of Mine
  7. You Don't Know What's Going On
  8. Where is Love Now

Album Lyrics: Reasons Why: The Very Best [2006]

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Creek Nickel
"Reasons Why: The Very Best" [2006]

  1. The Lighthouse's Tale
  2. Out Of The Woods
  3. When In Rome
  4. Helena
  5. Somebody More Like You
  6. Reasons Why
  7. Can't Complain
  8. I Should've Known Better
  9. This Side
  10. Jealous Of The Moon
  11. When You Come Back Down
  12. The Fox

Album Lyrics: Why Should the Fire Die? [2005]

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Creek Nickel
"Why Should the Fire Die?" [2005]

  1. When in Rome
  2. Somebody More Like You
  3. Jealous of the Moon
  4. Can't Complain
  5. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
  6. Eveline
  7. Anthony
  8. Best of Luck
  9. Doubting Thomas
  10. Helena
  11. Why Should the Fire Die?

Album Lyrics: Lighthouse Tale [2002]

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Creek Nickel
"Lighthouse Tale" [2002]

  1. The Lighthouses Tale (Radio Edit)
  2. The Fox (Live)
  3. Let It Fall (Live)
  4. The Lighthouses Tale (Video)

Album Lyrics: This Side [2002]

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Creek Nickel
"This Side" [2002]

  1. Spit On A Stranger
  2. Speak
  3. Hanging By A Thread
  4. I Should've Known Better
  5. This Side
  6. Green And Grey
  7. Seven Wonders
  8. House Carpenter
  9. Beauty And The Mess
  10. Sabra Girl
  11. Young
  12. Brand New Sidewalk

Album Lyrics: Nickel Creek [2000]

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Creek Nickel
"Nickel Creek" [2000]

  1. The Lighthouse's Tale
  2. Out Of The Woods
  3. Reasons Why
  4. When You Come Back Down
  5. Sweet Afton
  6. The Hand Song
  7. The Fox

Album Lyrics: Little Cowpoke [1998]

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Creek Nickel
"Little Cowpoke" [1998]

  1. Ride Cowboy Ride
  2. Pecos Bill
  3. I'm An Old Cowhand
  4. Chant Of The Wanderer
  5. I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
  6. Back In The Saddle Again
  7. Home On The Range
  8. Git Along Little Dogies
  9. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
  10. Don't Fence Me In
  11. Happy Trails

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