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Hard Way To Fall chords - Ryan Adams

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Ryan Adams Sheet music
                Standard tuning.

C                   G
See the rain on the street
F                C
The way the cars shine
C                       G
And the scotch that she drinks
F                G
With her lips so fine
Am                   C
And her shoulders go weak
F                 G
As she closes her eyes
C   G  F         C       F
Oh, my God, when she was mine

C                             G
See how she moves through the door
F                 C
How she loses her keys
C                 G
How she loses her cool
          F                             G
Watching blackbirds scatter through the trees
Am                     C
How she flips from the back to the front
F           G
Reading magazines
C   G  F       C         F
Oh, my God, I miss those things
           C    G         F
And it's a hard way to fall
                   C    G     F
And this ain't the eas--y way down
           C    G        F    C        F
And it's a hard thing to love anyone, anyhow
Am                  C
So if it's gotta be you
F         G
Treat her nice
F        C
Hold her hand
F            G
And tell her twice
Am                       C
That she doesn't have to worry
F                G
And it will be alright
C    G  F    C     F
It's alright this time
C    G  F    C    F
It's alright this time

C                  G
See her smiling at him
F               C
That used to be me
C                     G
I could find her in a thunderstorm
            F            G
Just by the way that the rain would fall
Am                C
And we used to be something
F                         G
But somethin' happened to me
C   G  F         C      F
Oh, my God, when I was free
           C    G       F
And it's a hard way to fall
               C    G     F
And this ain't eas--y way down
           C    G        F     C      F
And it's a hard thing to love anyone, anyhow
           C    G       F
And it's a hard way to fall
                   C    G     F
And this ain't the eas--y way down

           C    G        F     C      F
And it's a hard thing to love anyone, anyhow

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