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Oh My Sweet Carolina chords - Ryan Adams

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Ryan Adams   Oh My Sweet Carolina written by Ryan Adams

D                            G                D
I went down to Houston and I stopped in San Antone
D                               A
I passed up the station for the bus
    G                 D               Bm               G
Was trying to find me something but I wasn't sure just what
      D             A               D
Man I ended up with pockets full of dust
D                               G        D
So I went on to Cleveland and I ended up insane
D                                       A     
I bought a borrowed suit and learned to dance
G              D              Bm              G
I was spending money like the way it likes to rain
      D              A              D
Man I ended up with pockets full of cane
      Bm    G     D  Bm      G          A
Oh my Sweet Carolina what compels me to go
      Bm    G      D             D       A        G
Oh my Sweet Disposition  may you one day carry me home
D                                  G                     D
I ain't never been to Vegas but I gambled up my life
D                                         A   Asus  A
Building newsprint boats I raced in sewer mains
G                 D               Bm               G
Trying to find me something but I wasn't sure just what
      D                 A                 D
Funny how they say that some things never change
      Bm    G     D   Bm      G          A
Oh my Sweet Carolina  what compels me to go
      Bm  G      D              D       A        G
Oh my Sweet Disposition may you one day carry me home


D                                  G                 D
Up here in the city it feels like things are closing in
The sunset's just my light bulb burning out 
G         D           Bm        G 
I miss Kentucky and I miss my family
        D                   A               D
All the sweetest winds they blow across the south
      Bm    G     D  Bm      G          A   Asus  A
Oh my Sweet Carolina what compels me to go
      Bm    G      D            D       A        G
Oh my Sweet Disposition may you one day carry me home
        Bm       A       D   
May you one day carry me home

 From Ryan Adams "Heartbreaker"
 Bug Music(BMI)
 Bloodshot Records 2000

 Ryan Adams     vocals/guitar
 Ethan Johns    drums/bass/organ/harmony
 David Rawlings guitar
 Emmylou Harris vocals

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Buy Adams Ryan CD

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