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Starlight Lounge Review chords

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            Capo 2 
Am               C                D           Am 
Joe plays the bartender, he knows everybody's drink  
Am                     C              D              Am 
He pours them out with bad advice and never stops to think 
Am              C         D               Am 
He only sells a temporary respite for the day  
Am               C          D              Am 
Still he holds a major roll in this little place 
Angie is a waitress with a story of her own  
She balances the drinks with two kids back at home 
She will be in bed by 2a.m. and up again at 6 
A single mom with no support she's learning all the tricks 
F             G                Em 
Me, I Chose a ghostly glow the smoke hangs in the air  
F            G                     Em 
Lonely souls play lonely roles and one seems to care 
    F              G                  C       C/B      Am 
You stand their to bar stage left and say our lines on queue 
F Em Am It?s the nightily drama, the Starlight Lounge Review Jasmine is a working girl, she smiles at every man Being here at 32 was never in her plan Cocaine sent ambition and self respect right out the door She was once daddy's little girl, but now she's just a whore Old Charlies pushing 63, he's here each day at 5 He wouldn't be caught dead in here if his wife was still alive He's got a daughter in Seattle and a son in San Antone They think old Charlie?s doing fine living out here on his own Chorus Joe brings me another drink and lights my cigarette As I try hard to remember what I came here to forget Angie unplugs the juke box, Jasmine walks in to the night Old Charlie tips his hat and says I?ll see you back at 5 Chorus

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