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Una Mas Cervesa chords - Tommy Alverson

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Tommy Alverson Sheet music
	  G              Am               C              D 
Life was kinda hectic and I was having trouble sleeping 
G           Am          C          D 
I was going crazy and I had to get away 
G              Am           C          D 
I loaded up my pickup for a Mexican vacation 
G                 Am             C                  D 
I didn't know the language but I quickly learned to say 
G           Am         C      D 
Una mas cervesa por favor senorita 
G           Am         C      D  G 
Una mas cervesa por favor senorita 
G           Am         C      D 
Una mas cervesa por favor senorita 
G           Am         C      D  G 
Una mas cervesa por favor senorita 
I kept right on driving until I hit the ocean 
Found a small cantina down on Monterrey way 
I met up with a girl down there but she did not speak any English 
I probably coulda had her too, but all I knew how to say..was 
Well I woke up the next morning and I knew I was in trouble 
I was extremely naked lying face down in the sand 
Well I stumbled to my feet, started looking for my old pickup 
I would've asked for help, but all I knew all they?d understand..was 
So if your life is kinda hectic and your having trouble sleeping 
Think you?re going crazy and you need to get away 
The thought has crossed your mind about headin? out to the border 
Let me tell you something, boy all you need to know how to say is 
Chorus 2X 

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