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Violets Of Dawn chords - Eric Andersen

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Eric Andersen     Violets Of Dawn   written by Eric Andersen 

D               G               D           G                   D G  
Take me to the night I'm tippin topsy turvy turning upside down
D                 G                D                        
Hold me tight and whisper what you wish 
             G                  D  
For there is no one here around
   G                 A
Oh you may sing song me sweet smiles
   D              G               A
Regardless of the city's careless frown 
               D              G                        
Come watch the no colors fade blazing
     D                G               D G  
Into pedal sprays of  Violets of Dawn 
   D               G                                           
In blindful  wonderments enchantments
D               G                      D G D
You can lift my wings  softly to fly
D                        G                D 
Your eyes are like swift fingers reaching out
         G                   D    
Into the pockets of my night
G                 A            D                 G

Whirling twirling puppy warm before the flashing cloaks of darkness 
             D              G               
Come see the no colors fade blazing
     D                G               D G  
Into pedal sprays of  Violets of Dawn 
     D                    G                        
Some prince charming I'll be 
             D                   G              D  G
On Two white steeds to bring you diamond crowns
    D                G            
And climb your tower sleeping beauty 
  D             G                          D  
Before you ever know I've left the ground
G              A          D               G            A 
You can wear a Cinderella Snowhite Alice  Wonderland gown
               D              G
Come watch the no colors fade blazing
     D                G               D G  
Into pedal sprays of  Violets of Dawn 
D                G             D               
But if I seem to wander off in dream like looks 
       G                   D G 
Please let me settle slowly  
     D            G              D 
It's only me just staring out at you
          G                     D   
A seeming stranger speaking holy 
G               A                D         G                A
I don't mean to wake you up it's only lonliness just coming on  
           D              G             D
So let the no colors fade blazing into petal sprays
   G              D  G  
Of Violets Of Dawn
     D                G 
Like shadows bursting into mist 
  D               G                      D  G
Behind the echoes of this nonsense song
D                 G
It's just chacing whispering trail
   D            G                     D
Of secret steps see them  laughing on 
        G            A             D           G                 A
There's magic in the sleepiness of waking to a childish sounding yawn 
              D               G
Come watch the no colors fade blazing
     D                G               D G  D
Into pedal sprays of  Violets of Dawn 

  From Eric Andersen  "Bout Changes & Things LP"
  Vanguard Records  1966

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