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I Will Be There For You-2 chords - Jessica Andrews

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Jessica Andrews Sheet music
I Will Be There For You

E/G# Asus A D(9)/F#  E E/G# Asus A D E

E/G# Asus    A   D(9)/F#       E
When I lost faith you believed in me
E/G# Asus    A   D              A
When I stumbled you were right there
C#m  D     A                    Bm7
For every act of love you've done
           E  D/F#
I owe you one

There were hard times I know I survived
Just because you stayed by my side
With all I have with all I am
Bm7             C#m7 C#7
I promise you all my life

F#               G#m        F#
Whenever the road is too long
E             F#              C/E#
Whenever the wind is too strong
D#m7             G#m        F#
Wherever this journey may lead you
   A        B          F#    A           B
I will be there for you, oh, I will be there for you

Through sorrow on the darkest night
When there's heartache deep down inside 
Just like a prayer you will be there
And I promise you all my life


A(9)/C# B/D# A(9)/C# B C#7sus C#


   A               B
I'll always be there

E/G# Asus A D(9) E 

Jessica Andrews ChordsJessica Andrews Lyrics

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