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I Wish For You chords - Jessica Andrews

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Jessica Andrews Sheet music

    Time goes by so fast, and days, they seem to dance
Dm           Am                    Bb
    Into the distance till they're gone.
    If I had a map to lead you down life's path,
Dm              Am            Bb
    I'd give it to you, but I don't,
So go on -

    F           C
Cry hard, laugh Loud,
   Bb            Dm 
Be humble, stand proud
    F         C             Bb          Gm
And don't be afraid of your fears.
    F               C
Let love break your heart.
     Bb         Dm          
Just be who you are.
    All of this -
    All that there is
Bb    C        F
    I wish for you.

    You can never know which way your world will turn,
Dm          Am              Bb
    How the stars are gonna fall.
    Salty tears, they burn.
    There are lessons you will learn
Dm                Am              Bb
    But you'll be stronger for it all,
Uh, yes you will.

Repeat Chorus

    F           C
Cry hard, laugh loud
   Bb            Dm 
Be humble, stand proud
     F          C                   Bb          Gm
Hold on to your faith with all your heart.
   F           C
Be careful, be brave,
   Bb               Dm  
Be still, but don't stay
   F       C             Bb         Gm  
In any one place for too long.
  F            C
Remember God's grace.

     Bb            Dm          
Give more than you take.
    All of this -
    All that there is
Bb    C        F
    I wish for you.

Jessica Andrews ChordsJessica Andrews Lyrics

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