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Molly 2 chords - Eddy Arnold

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Eddy Arnold Sheet music
(A) The war began and Henry left his (E) farm
Left his darling Molly with a baby in her (A) arms
Now the war was over and their (D) life could begin
(A) Molly saw her (E) darling standing at the (A) door again

It's so (E) nice to hear your (A)voice again Molly
So (E)nice to feel your (A)arms around me molly
Oh how happy I'd (A7)be if I (D)only see you 
Sweet sweet (A)Molly (E) please don't (A)cry (E)

(A)Maybe I should have written to let you (D)know ahead of time
But I was (A)afraid that you'd worry if you (E)knew that I'd gone blind.
(A)Do I hear you crying, MOlly?  (D)Please don't cry you silly thing
(A)see what you've done? (E) You've even brought a tear to (A)my eye
(A)Where's my son?  (D)What does he look like Molly?
(A)Everyone  says he took after me
(E)Lord I wish I could see
"Come here little man, (D)don't be afraid
I'm your (A)daddy
Guess you'll get used to me in (E)timme (A)won't he Molly?

It's so (E)nice to hear your (A)voice again Molly
So (E)nice, to feel your (A)arms around me Molly
Oh how happy I'd (A7)be if I (D)only could see you
Sweet sweet (A)Molly  (E)please don't (A)cry
(E)please dont (A)cry

Sweet sweet Molly (E)please don't (A)cry (E)

[Thanks to carol sheret for tabs]

Eddy Arnold ChordsEddy Arnold Lyrics

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