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My Daddy Is Only A Picture chords - Eddy Arnold

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My Daddy Is Only A Picture
Recorded by Eddy Arnold 1948
Lyrics and music by Thomas C. Dilbeck

  G              D7              G
I asked a little boy to call his daddy
   D7                   G
He said he couldn't and sighed
    B7               Em      
And when I asked him what was wrong
A7                          D7
here's what the little boy replied

   D7              G             D                       G   G7
My Daddy is only a picture, in a frame that hangs on the wall
     C      Cm        G    Em    A7                D7
Each day I talk to my daddy, but he never talks at all
  D7                 G           D7               G    G7
I tell him all of my secrets and all of my little plans
    C        Cm     G        Em     A7      D7    G
and from the way he smiles at me, I know he understands

    D7                   G            D7                  G   G7
The angels took Daddy to heaven, when I was just goin' on three
     C       Cm         G       Em     A7                     D7
But I'll bet they never told him - how blue and lonesome We'd be
  D7                 G                D7                  G   G7
I try to cheer up my mommie, when the tears roll down her face
   C        Cm     G      Em        A7        D7       G
My daddy is only a picture, but I'm tryin' to take his place

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