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Care chords - Austin Collins

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Austin Collins Sheet music
By Austin Collins 
© 2009 Austin Collins Music BMI

Other artists we have are Walt Wilkins, Chris Knight, Band Of Heathens,
Brandon Rhyder, Bart Crow, Johnny Cooper, Cody Johnson Band, Zack 
Walther and alot more!

Dsus2    - X00320
Dsus2/C# - X4X320
Dsus2/B  - X2X320

Dsus2    Dsus2/C#     Dsus2/B  Dus2 
It’s all traction and blinking eyes
Dsus2    Dsus2/C#            Dsus2/B  Dus2 
Subtle distractions and your compromise
Dsus2   Dsus2/C#    Dsus2/B       Dus2
Just as calm as you turned out to be
Dsus2    Dsus2/C#         Dsus2/B  Dus2
Imminent weight upon your sympathies

Dsus2              Dsus2/C#   Dsus2/B       Dus2 
If you don’t break now you’ll probably just freeze
Dsus2    Dsus2/C#         Dsus2/B  Dus2 
Eventual hope measured in small    degrees
Dsus2         Dsus2/C#  Dsus2/B  Dus2
You gave your inch, a default mile
Dsus2       Dsus2/C#         Dsus2/B  G 
Last one to rescue with your broken   smile

G            A 
What are the chances
G              A                        G   
Of falling for you the way you fell for me
What are the chances
                G  A  
I wish I didn’t care
                G  A
I wish I didn’t care
                G  A  Dsus2  Dsus2/C#  Dsus2/B  Dsus2
I wish I didn’t care

Provision faulters like a dirty play
Handle your last page in the usual way
Stand aside to leave your freight
Rise to occasions chance to complicate

Accustomed to your clock’s blank stare
Lack of persuasion from the killing chair
Overreaction’s your own beating friend
A fallow companion to the bitter end


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