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Wrong Control chords - Austin Collins

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Austin Collins Sheet music
                Wrong Control
By Austin Collins

D              G                 D             G
I know how you feel, but I can’t stop the afterglow
D             G                 D              G
You’ve been selective with your heart and it’s nails
D              G           D                   G 
Cannot dim the ever-fading splendor fused with blood
D            G              D             Em    G 
We’ve walked long enough to let go of the rails
       D        G       D        G
It’s a wrong control, a wrong control

D             G             D              G
I wonder if I ever made you happy made you cry
   D                G               D              G   
Is there a chance I brought you any severed joy to please
D                G              D              G   
Once there was a place for us depose the malcontents
   D                G             D            Em   G
We backed it up and overthrew the disconnected lies
A                          G       
Who puts the power in your hands to turn then knobs
     A                               G
It’s like we’re left with incomplete instructional details

D        G     D           G
Wrong control, losing everything
   D     G
An arsenal, 
Where you destroy 
    G                    A  G  A  G  A  G  A  G
The best things that you have, have, have, have

You always said that choice was a device and a disguise
Place your bets and leave because the heartache’s in the details
But you disguised the best part of yourself when you gave up
The deal you made, the price was paid and reinvention fails
Who puts the power in your hands to turn then knobs
Your finger’s primed to drop the lever as if you had a reason


       D        G       D        G
It’s a wrong control, a wrong control
       D        G       D        G
It’s a wrong control, a wrong control


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