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I Killed Sally's Lover chords - The Avett Brothers

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The Avett Brothers Sheet music
                (G)Somebody get my shotgun, somebody get my (C)blade
(G)sally's been layin' with another man, he's (D)sleeping in my (G)place

somebody get my shotgun, gonna shot him sure as rain
you can run as fast as you want to boy, I'll kill you just the same

Somebody get my pocket blade, I'm gonna cut him don't you know
you can try to hide all you want to, there ain't nowhere to go

Somebody get my shotgun, somebody get my blade
sally's been layin' with another man, he's sleeping in my place

Now Sally don't go thinkin' that you got off so clean,
I'd kill you too if I had the nerve, but I just ain't that mean

So I go and get my murder tools, I throw them in the lake
gonna steal me an automobile and drive so far away

now I am a fugitive, I'm always on the run
Sally told the policeman, exactly what I'd done

I went and got my shotgun, went and got my blade
killed poor Sally's lover, and buried him in the grave.

Now all you ramblin' fellas, you listen close to me
That woman gonna bring you pain, your heart is gonna bleed

but it ain't worth the trouble, the sympathy or the grief
but a bleeding heart is better than the penitentiary

I killed Sally's love, one dark and dreary day
Sally got another and I got sent away

Somebody get my shotgun, somebody get my blade
Sally's been laying with another man and I sent him to the grave.

The Avett Brothers ChordsThe Avett Brothers Lyrics

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