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Dreams Of A Dancer chords - Steve Azar

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Steve Azar Sheet music
Dreams of a Dancer


     E                                                A
We'd drive to the river, she'd dance on the levy like it was her stage
E                                           A
My ballerina shined in the bright lights of my Chevrolet
D                 A
We used to laugh about that
    D                         E
But deep down I knew that she had

            A                             D
Dreams of a dancer spinnin' 'round in her head
        Bm                       E
I never asked her, and she never said
                 A                        D
Where they would lead her, I didn't wanna know
            Bm                     E
I just held on tight, 'til she let go
          D                  E
The music called, she had to answer
Dreams of a dancer


One night on that levy, we watched the stars 'til they disappeared
Softly she swayed to a distant song only she could hear
She kissed me then whispered goodbye
And I saw thru the tears in her eyes



F#m D          E          A
Sometimes I go drivin' at night
D                        E
Down by the river, and I turn out the lights


INTRO out 

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