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Lay Your Heart Next To Mine chords - Steve Azar

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Steve Azar Sheet music
Lay Your Heart Next to Mine
By Steve Azar

Capo 3 (Key Of F)

   D       A       G        D
It sure is good to see your smile
       D        A         G 
At the end of a long hard day
D        A        G         D   
Life out there is easier to bear
         D       A       G
When you look at me this way
  G                         A
I can't count the times You dance through my mind
          D                  G 
While I'm tryin' to be who I am
        G                  A
But you got to believe I'm not really me
         D            D/F#  G 
'Til I'm back in your arms again
          Bm  Bm/A  G
'Cause it all comes clear
           Bm   Bm/A  G
When we're both right here
        Bm  Bm/A G             D
And you lay your heart next to mine

     D         A             G        D
I'll never get used to those short goodbyes
       D       A       G
As I'm runnin' out the door
    D           A    G        D
And I'll always hate walkin' away
             D         A            G
While you're tryin' to kiss me once more
    G                   A
But I've got to do what I've got to do
         D             D/F#      G
And even when it don't go like I planned
G                 A
I tell myself, if there's nothin' else
     D         D/F#        G
When every day comes to an end
        Bm  Bm/A  G
It will be  all   right
         Bm   Bm/A  G
When you hold me    tight
        Bm  Bm/A G             D
And you lay your heart next to mine

G          A
Every beat, every breath
G               A 
Plays a symphony inside our chest
Em              F#m
And every dream in my mind
Comes alive every night, every time
        Bm    Bm/A   G
And the world stands still
           Bm  Bm/A  G
That's the way it    feels
         Bm  Bm/A G             D
When you lay your heart next to mine

Come and lay your heart next to mine

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