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Kendra's Song chords - Gord Bamford

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                Capo 2

 Dsus2     Cadd9      Bm        A

Dsus2                    G
Come over here and sit beside me
Bm                    A
And tell me about your day
Dsus2                     Cadd9
Suns going down outside our window
Bm              A
But honey that's ok

  G                       D     Dsus2
There was a time when the night seemed so loneley
 G                       A
But I know it never will again
           Em   D     G
Cause the love of my life
 A            Dsus2
is my best friend

Dsus2                   G
Had our ups and downs before we were together
Bm                            A
The road of life ain't always smooth
Dsus2                   G
But for you and me it stretches on forever
A                            Dsus2
I know our love will see us through


F#m                    G
And every night as I lay down beside you
D                         A
I feel blessed to know that I
F#m                   G    D/F#  Em
Will have the love of my best friend
G        A          Dsus2
For the rest of my life

Dsus2 - Cadd9 - Bm - A

  G                       D     Dsus2
There was a time this old world seemed so loneley
 G                       A
But I know it never will again
           Em   D     G
Cause the love of my life
 A            Bm   A
is my best friend
                G   D/F#   Em
And you're the love of my life
    A               Dsus2 - Cadd9 - Bm - A - D
And you're my best friend

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