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Stayed Till Two chords - Gord Bamford

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                Capo 2 and play E-A-B instead.  I'm a bass player, so no capo.
Intro - once with lead guitar on its own, second time with F# F# C# F#

  F#                   B
I left the house about 8pm 
F#                           C#
Spent a little time with the boys again 
  F#                      B
I didn't really wanna be away from you 
  F#                 B      A    F#
I went for one but I stayed till two 

I played a little eight ball, made a few bucks 
Dropped a little change in that old jukebox 
Time flew by next thing I knew 
I went for one but I stayed till two 

It was last call for alcohol 
Billy got mean and he wanted to brawl 
Old Jim Bob he was under the table 
He wanted me to drive, I was barely able 

Well a pretty little barmaid took my keys 
Said here have a cup of this coffee please 
I knew I'd have some explaining to do 
Should have went for one but I stayed till two 

--- Lead ----  (Chorus behind)

When I got home I was quiet as a mouse 
Little did I know you would move the couch 
I hit the floor and the whole house knew 
I went for one but I stayed till two 


I didn't really wanna be away from you 
I went for one but I stayed till two (no stop - back to B)
Went for one but I stayed till two
F#               B
     Stayed till two
     Went for one
F#               B
     Stayed till two
Whoa doggy, I'm in big trouble now

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