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Four Strong Winds chords - Bobby Bare

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                Key = G

Intro = C - Am - D - D7


            G               C
Four Strong Winds That Blow Lonely
      D7            G
Seven Seas That Run High
          C                 Am               D     D7
All These Things That Don't Change Come What May
       G                  C
But My Good Times Are All Gone
        D7               G
And I'm Bound For Movin' On
          C              Am             D     D7
I'll Look For You If I'm Ever Back This Way

      G            C
I May Go Out To Al-berta
          D7                G
Weather's Good There In The Fall
         C                    Am            D     D7
Got Some Friends That I Could Go To Workin' For
        G                      C
Still I Wish You'd Change Your Mind
     D7              G 
If I Ask It One More Time
          C                   Am                D      D7
But We've Been Through That A Thousand Times Or More

Instrumental Break: Chords As Per Verse

     G                    C
If I Get There Before The Snow Flies
    D7               G
And Things Are Goin' Good
          C            Am                D     D7
You Could Join Me If I Send You Down The Fare
           G               C      D7               G
But If You Wait Until It's Winter   It Would Do No Good
        C              Am                D     D7
For The Winds Sure Can Blow Cold Way Out There


          C             (Am   D)        C     Am     D     D7     G
I'll Look For You If I'm Ever Back This Way

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Bare Bobby
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