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Pour Me Another Tequila chords - Bobby Bare

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Bobby Bare Sheet music
By: Bobby Bear 

(Chorus)  Pour me another tequila, Shella. 
Take off that red satin dress.  'Cause I crossed the boarder, and, 
And I beat the dealer for all of that gold in Jarez.  
I feel like ol' Pancho Via, Shella, and I've got the pesos to spend, 
                      D               A                     D 
So pour me another tequila, Shella.  Lay down and love me again. 
(1st Verse)  No I can't tell you about it. 
Don't mind the gun by my bed, but I feel kind'a naked without it, 
And it eases the fears in my head.  I never trusted in woman, 
                      G                                 D        A 
Shella I trust you tonight.  So pass me the salt and a lemon, 
Bend down and blow out the light. 
(Chorus)   (Lead) 
(2nd Verse)  Shella I'm hearin' your heartbeat, 
But I'm hearing footsteps outside.  The courtyard is crallin' with them  
Federados.  And Shella, there's no place to hide, but I don't know who  
Could have tipped 'em, nobody knew it but you, but I never have trusted  
     D      A                              D 
The woman, Shella here's what I'm going to do.  Yeah! 
(Chorus)  Pour me another tequila, I'm goin' ta put on your red satin  
Dress.  You put on my clothse, and you go face the dealer.  
Shella I wish you the best.  I never trusted in woman, 
                        G                            D             A 
Shella I trusted you tonight.  So pour me another tequila Shella, 
And I'll run for the boarder again. 
       G                 D                    A                     D 
Yeah! Pour me another tequilla, Shella, as I ride for the boarder again. 

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