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Shes Taken A Shine chords - John Berry

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John Berry Sheet music

She's Taken A Shine
Written By Greg Barnhill and Richard Bach
Performed By John Berry
>From the CD... Faces   (1996)
Transcribed by Dan Nicholas

Song is played with the third fret capoed

G C  G C  G C  G C  G C  G C  G C  G C  G C  G C  

G     C                 G       C
Rosie never was one for turnin' heads
G       C                 G    C   G
She was just always kinda there
          C                 G       C    G
She had a few nice features more or less
       C                 G   C 
No red ribbons in her hair
Am                       G
Since that Jesse's been coming to the diner
Am                          G                  C  Em  Am
Folks are saying that she's never looked finer
She's got a different air

              G  Am     D                              
She's taken a shine to him
              G               Am     D 
Becoming the woman that she's never been
               Em                      Am            C  D 
And all of the guy's are wishin' they hadn't been so blind
              G  Am     D
She's taken a shine to life
              G   Am         D 
Now there's a sparkle in her eye
                    Em               C
They all missed the gem, a diamond within
               G     G C  G C  G C  G C
She's taken a shine

G     C                    G       C 
Rosie hardly ever missed a bit of work
G     C               G   C     
Never took vacation days
G          C                      G       C     
Home or the diner, it was all the same to her
G           C              G   C   Am
She didn't know any other way
But each afternoon now she starts to come alive
Am                              G                C   Em  Am    
Cause Jesse's there each day to pick her up at five
You ought to hear them say


Em          C             D 
Oh what a little love can do
Em              C 
Now that she's found herself
        D                     G
She's stronger than she ever knew


G    C        G    C    G   C
She's taken a
G    C        G    C    G   C    D  E  G  C  D  G
She's taken a

Dan Nicholas
Heldan Enterprises

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