Red Moon chords

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D       C   G   x2
[Verse 1]
D                      C          G
Red moon rising like a fire in me
        D                        C          G
So many questions, she asks them all to  me
         D            C           G
I have to answer most curiously
        D               C            G
Scarlet angel, I am too small to see
D                            C          G
Earn earn, shuffle round the big city
            D                         C            G
Burning the rubber down, crossing the hot concrete
          D                    C                G
I'm gonna leave town, there is someone to meet
              D                  C            G
She turns her head around a full three-sixty
D       C   G   x2
[Verse 2] D C G Bedroom rising from an old growth tree D C G Bringing out the sawmill, cutting the twelve-inch beams D C G Building a pattern, the reservoir to fill with dreams D C G Rings like Saturn telling their old story D C G Windmills turn and turn eternally D C G What do you yearn for? Where do you long to be? D C G I've been here before, looking at the wild country D C G Open the screen door, talking with Diane Lee That's my grandma! D C G x2 [Verse 3] D C G Radio singing from the corner of the kitchen D C G I got the oven on, I got the onions wishing D C G They hadn't made me cry, filling the sink with dishes D C G Letting them air dry, waiting for the wind's permission D C G Too many movies got me shivering and shy D C G Turning the lights out, glistening in the owl's eye D C G Glimmer like lightning under the violet sky D C G Shimmer like diamonds, watching the red moon rise Ooo [Outro] D C G x8

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