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Pineridge chords - Blue Rodeo

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Blue Rodeo Sheet music


D 	 Em 	 C 	  	 G
Gun squads got whatever they wanted
D 	 Em 	 C 	 G
On Pine Ridge
G 	 G/B 	 C 	  	 D
Dickie Wilson the only law and order
 	 G  G/F#  Em 	  	 C 	 D
Sat back and watched while over 100 were murdered
 	 Em 	 Bm 	 C 	  	 D
He'd made his bed with the government man
 	 C  C/B  Am 	  	   	  	 D
Taking everything he could for himself, his family and
G 	 G/B 	 C 	 D

 	 G 	  	 G/B 	 C 	  	 D
And he didn't want those longhairs on his reservation
 	 G  G/F#  Em 	  	  	 C 	  	 D
They were always causing trouble and instigating
Em 	  	 Bm 	 C 	  	 D
So he waged his war of intimidation
 	 C  C/B  Am 	 D 	  	 G 	 G/B 	 C 	 D
On his poverty stricken reservation

 	 G 	 G/B 	  	 C 	  	 D
 	 G  G/F#  Em 	  	 C 	  	 D
While the government destroys what won^?t be bought
 	 Em 	  	 Bm 	  	 C 	  	 D
When the whites first came to the Black Hills for the gold
 	 C  C/B  Am 	  	 D 	  	 G
Now the corporations steal the uranium and coal

D 	  	 Em 	  	 C 	  	 G
They destroyed the land and the traditional ways
D 	  	  	 Em 	  	  	 C 	  	 G
And you can^?t drink the water, you better not stand in the way
D 	 Em 	 C 	 G
On Pine Ridge
D 	 Em 	 C 	 G
On Pine Ridge

Em 	 C 	 D 	 G  G/F#
This is a song of freedom
Em 	  	 C 	  	 D 	  	 G  G/F#
While the eagle soars in the endless blue sky
Em 	 C 	 D 	  	 G  G/F#
For the innocent, wrongly imprisoned
Em 	  	 C 	 D
This is a song of freedom

G 	 G/B 	 C 	 D
G 	 G/B 	 C 	 D

Em 	 Em 	 Em 	 Em

The government man hate the color of your skin and your ?dogshined?
C7 	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	 Em
No reasons why those two FBI were on Oglala land chasing that red van
And the FBI admit Leonard Peltier did not commit the killings that have
him 20 years in prison

C7 	 Em

G 	 D 	 Em 	 C
This is a song of freedom


C7 	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	 Em
No explanations why those two FBI were on Oglala land chasing that red
Well maybe because Dickie Wilson was in Washington selling uranium to
American nightmare

 	 G 	  	 F 	  	 Bb 	  	 C
As the people striving 2 FBI were lying dead in a pasture
G 	  	 F
Williams and Collier
Caught in a crossfire


Dino Butler and ??Bob Roberdobo?? got tried and acquitted
And the case against Jimmy Eagle was so weak it never got prosecuted
So they set their sights on the last chance of a conviction
 	 Eb7 	  	  	  	 D7
with a ??record?? eye-witness and a legal extradition
Leonard Peltier had fled across the border to southern Alberta
G 	  	  	  	 F
The Canadian government was far too eager
 	 Bb 	  	  	 C7
And in awe of their elected copkiller

 	 G 	  	 G/B 	  	 C 	  	 D
There's a few that know the truth this morning in Oglala
 	  	 G  G/F#  Em 	  	  	 C 	  	 D
They^?re as silent as the land, as silent as Williams and Collier
 	 Em 	  	 Bm 	  	 C 	  	 D
They^?re as silent as the eagle in the endless blue sky
 	 C  C/B  Am 	  	  	 D 	  	  	 G
They^?re as silent as the sun, she's been watching such a long time

 	 D 	  	 Em 	  	 C 	  	 G
Cause it^?s a sacred mind of ???? that's brought to the ?????
 	 D 	 Em 	 C 	  	 G
Leonard Peltier's rule divided the land
 	 D 	 Em 	 C 	  	 G
And the soldiers came to protect their own
 	 D 	  	 Em 	  	 C 	  	 G
With the promises of peace and the land that they stole
 	 D 	  	 Em 	 C 	  	 G
And they murdered Crazy Horse killed off the buffalo
 	 D 	  	 Em 	 C 	  	 G
Since yesterday and today and all of tomorrow
 	  	 D 	 Em 	  	 C 	  	 G
There^?s a silence in the land, there^?s a sadness in the people
 	 D 	 Em 	  	 C 	  	 G
But life goes on, it's the same as it's always done
D 	 Em 	 C 	 G
On Pine Ridge
D 	 Em 	 C 	 G
On Pine Ridge

solo (over D-Em-C-G)

Em 	  	 C 	 D 	 G  G/F#
This is a song of freedom
Em 	  	 C 	  	 D 	  	 G  G/F#
While the eagle soars in the endless blue sky
Em 	 C 	  	 D 	  	 G  G/F#
For the innocent, wrongly imprisoned
Em 	  	 C 	 D
This is a song of freedom

G 	 G/B 	 C 	 D
C C/B 	 Am 	 D 	 G

--Written and performed by Greg Keelor with Blue Rodeo

I think this is as close as it comes.  Any suggestions on the lyrics
or anything else: woodsa at


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