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Tired Of Pretending chords - Blue Rodeo

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Blue Rodeo Sheet music

Trumpet solo

Em            G              C           Em

Verse 1:
Em           G    C           Em
You've never tried to conceal or deny
Em                G      C             Em
That this love is my ruin of peril and trial
Em         G       C                Em
All of the promises were nothing but lies
Em     G                                C   C     Em-G, D, D
But now that you're here, why don't you stay for awhile

Verse 2:
Em      G         C                       Em
Most of my friends have fallen under your spell
Em             G           C                   Em
Some fell into heaven, but most fell back into hell
Em            G               C                         Em
The beauty forgotten like the snow covered crops in the field
Em             G                   C     C    Em-G, D, D, Bm, Bm
Where the wind knows no mercy, she howls, she reels

        Em    D        Em      D
But I'm tired... of pretending
        Em    D        Em      D
Yes I'm tired... of pretending
     C G          Em D               Em D
That I... I still care, yeah I still care

Guitar solo:
Em, G, C, Em, Em, G, C, Em (Bass and lead guitar only)
Em, G, C, Em, Em, G, C, C, Em-G, D, D, Bm, Bm (Full band)

Verse 3: (Keyboards and bass only)
        Em                 G    C                  Em
And the smoke curls like a river to some forgotten land
Em        G       C            Em
Floating abandoned the mystery concealed
Em               G      C                    Em
Like the moonlit shadows on the snow covered field
Em                   G                 C     C        *Em-G, D, D, Bm, Bm (Guitars enter at *)
Where the wind knows no mercy, and she howls, and she reels

        Em    D        Em      D
But I'm tired... of pretending
        Em    D        Em      D
Yes I'm tired... of pretending
     C G          Em D              Em D
That I... I still care, yes I still care

Trumpet solo:
Em, G, C, Em, Em, G, C, Em, Em, G, C, Em, Em, G, C, C, Em-G, end on D

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