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If I Were You chords - The Blue Shadows

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                Capo 3

chords played in key of D (song is in the key of F)

Intro	|D	|G  A7  | 4x
         D	          G			          A7sus4	A7				
If I were you well I would turn my head
		    G	      D/F#bass		      Em7		A7
And hear this word I said to you not something else instead
	          D			           Em
And then you?d hear what you should have heard
	      F#m			           G	       A        Em7
And then you?d know that every single word was ringing true
If I were you

If I were you believe me I would try
To see a different point of view like looking eye to eye

You see me standing here thinking I'm fine
And wonder how without even trying could he seem so cruel
If I were you

G		    D	  G	Em	     A7
If you_____ were me Then may__be__ you'd see
         F#m			Bm
What fools we can be when only one side we'll see
	          G			 A7
Now tell it to me true now don't it tell on you

[Solo ? verse chord progression]

She sees him standing there thinking he's fine
And wonders how without even trying could he seem so cruel

If you were me would you gaze into the mirror
The truth is looking back at you or do you think it's rude to stare

	      D			  Em		        F#m	          G
Cuz what you see is what you finally get  It looks to me, I haven't seen it as yet
	       A	  Em7			F#m	Bm
But one day if you ____would see as I do_________
		      G	  A7
Then you'd feel the fool

D		      G	  A7
If I were you (5x)

The Blue Shadows ChordsThe Blue Shadows Lyrics

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