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Is Anybody Here chords by The Blue Shadows

The Blue Shadows Chords

Intro	|Am	|D7	|G	|	|

                  G      C	               G
Is anybody he_____re, to hear this song 
			C	            G
That I've been crying he___re, all night long
		Em   C		D
This feeling so alone, it feels so wrong 
	     Am	D7		G
Is anybody here____ to hear this song

D		          C	                        G	      C G  D
Is this lonely the voice the only voice to sing this song
D		        C		   D
Is my guitar the only one to strum along
F		           G			
Out my window in the street 
		F			G
The shadows fall on a deserted town
F			    G	
Where the people used to meet 
	    F			           D
Now but never when the suns gone down

Can anybody see, what's going on 
Cuz everybody knows, the right from wrong
Oh we could change it now, or go along
Is anybody here to hear this song

Solo |D	  |C	|G	|C    G|D      |C     |D     | 

Out my window in the street a steady rain is still a coming down
Will the sun rise up again will this world ever come around

Is anybody here to hear this song
That I've been crying here, all night long
This feeling so alone, just feels so wrong
Is anybody here to hear this song
		Am    D7	         G	  F	 C	G
Now is anybody here___ to hear this song___   this song____

The Blue Shadows ChordsThe Blue Shadows Lyrics

The Blue Shadows Chords List

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The Blue Shadows

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