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Lynville Train chords - Wade Bowen

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Wade Bowen Sheet music
                    (G)                                    (D)
The lonesome oak tree held its fire into November
   (Am)                     (C)
He watched the last brown leaf
Hit the ground and blow a way
   (G)                                         (D)
An evening gunshot lets him know the hunt is over
(Am)                    (C)
A familiar cold moves in
Some where between snow and rain
        (G)                               (D)
Just last spring you know his heart was burning
(Am)                   (C)                              (D)
Before his Lynnville love hit the road to chase her dream
 (G)                                          (D)
Now he thinks of her each night and in the morning
(Am)                           (C)                  (D)
He laces his coffee cup with whiskey instead of cream

Her story is she's changed her mind
She just can't help herself
           (Am)                          (C)
She wrote please don't meet me at the Lynnville train
Cause I'm coming in with someone else
He's a quiet man, the neighbors say
(G)          (G/F)          (Em)
But his pain won't go a way
   (C)                           (G)
So for better or worse he's going down
 (D)                    (G)
To meet the Lynnville train

He blew a tire on the road to the station

He jacked it up and thought out loud, 

"She never should have let me down."

Just six months ago she vowed she was leaving

Now she's coming home with a stranger

To settle down in Lynnville town


Steel wheels scream, the whistle blows,

His heart is breaking

She steps onto the platform, her new love by her side

He reaches in his coat, his had is shaking

The time has finally come, this really is goodbye

His story is he's changed his mind, 
He just can't help himself
        (Am)                    (C)
So he's getting on board the Lynnville train
And moving on to someplace else
As the train pulls out he watches them both
(G)              (G/F)      (Em)
Standing in the pouring rain
(C)                          (Am)
He's headed for a new life down the line
     (D)           (G)
On the Lynnville Train
(C)                              (G)
Yeah, for better or worse, he's leaving town
       (D)         (G)
On the Lynnville Train 

Wade Bowen ChordsWade Bowen Lyrics

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