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West Texas Rain tabs - Wade Bowen

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                (No Capo)

Intro.:  |(C)(G)|(F) | x 2

I have been (C)restless, I have been (C/E)reckless
I've been a (F)strain on my mom's heart
I've been a (C)drunk, I've been a (C/E)dreamer
Pulling the (F)strings on this old guitar

I've found a few (C)answers, I've still got (C/E)questions
Kept it to-(F)gether and fallen a(G)part

I got (Am)secrets and stories, (G)old shoebox memories
And (F)choices that I'd like to change
(Am)Teardrops and laughter and (G)me chasing after
(F)Years that go as quick as they came, like a west Texas (C)rain

Solo:  / (G) / |(F) Like a west Texas |(C)rain (G)|(F)

Well, I've (C)been a lover, I've been a (C/E)father
I've been a (F)brother, and I've been a (G)son
Well, I've been a (C)preacher, I've been a (C/E)sinner
If you can (F)name it, I've probably been (G)one

I'm strong for the (C)struggle, constantly (C/E)reaching
Reaching for (F)something that I've never (G)done

And I got (Am)secrets and stories, (G)old shoebox memories
(F)Choices that I'd like to change
I got (Am)teardrops and laughter, mnd (G)me chasing after
(F)Years that go as quick as they came, like a west Texas (C)rain

Solo:  / (G) / |(F) Like a west Texas |(C)rain (G)|(F) |(G) |
       |(Am)(F)|(G) |(Am)(F)|(F)

So close your (Am)eyes and hold on
We're (G)here and we're gone, it goes (C)as quick as it came ---

Just like a west Texas (C)rain (G) (F)
Just like a west Texas (C)rain (G) (F)
Just like a west Texas (C) rain (G) (F)
Just like a west Texas (C) rain (G) (F)

Outro.:  |(C)(G)|(F) -----

Wade Bowen ChordsWade Bowen Lyrics

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Bowen Wade
Buy Bowen Wade CD

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