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Infinity chords - Adam Brand

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Adam Brand Sheet music
                Infinity - Adam Brand 

Capo 1

Intro-G Em

Just how far, does the universe go
Does it ever end you say you wanna know
Just how high can you count 
before the numbers all run out

Who built the pyramids 
Do aliens exist
Where does god come from 
One more phenomenon

But if you know How strong my love is
And your heart and mind can comprehend
Just how long I'm gonna feel like this 
                   Em     D       C
Then you'll know what infinity is 
                   Em     D  G
Then you'll know

They say that time 

Goes on and on

Even after we're long gone

There's a black hole up in space 

That pulls so strong light cant escape


Who built the pyramids 

Do aliens exist

Where does god come from 

One more phenomenon

But if you know

How strong my love is

And your heart and mind can comprehend

Just how long im gonna feel like this 

Then you'll know what infinity is 

Then you'll know

 D                C                     G
They'll find the answers to all those mysteries 
                        D                          C                        G
But they wont understand whats between you and me

                   Em    D   C
Then you'll know mmmmm 
 	 Em D G
Then you'll know what love is


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