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New England Highway chords - Adam Brand

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Adam Brand Sheet music
                NEW ENGLAND HIGHWAY 
 Adam Brand 
 Intro riff  
 Basically an E chord which is slid up to the  
 3rd, 6th and 8th frets 
  slide slide slide 
  E  >    >    > 
  B                          E          A            B 
 Ive travelled across the country, on every beaten track, 
 from the sugarcane to the Nullarbor plain 
          A                  B 
 and Ive been to Bourke and back,  
               A      B      E 
 but there's nothing I like better 
  A           B         E 
 just before Australia day 
        A               B            E      AE 
 than heading down the New England highway 
  E        slide E to 3rd fret 
 Got my boots on, got my hat on 
         G#m              A 
 got my old guitar and a new song 
     E                     B       
 for a week I'll be where I belong 
       E     slide E to 3rd fret 
 with big stars, golden guitars 
  G#m                     A 
 dream will be ours some day 
  E            A       B     E      AE 
 cruising the New England Highway 
  B                          E 
 They'll be busking down on Peel street 
  A                    B 
 looking for a lucky break, there's the chhok man 
          E             A                       B 
 and the one man band, Slim Dusty's in the cavalcade 
               A     B       E 
 but there's nothing I like better 
  A           B         E 
 just before Australia day 
       A                B           E       AE 
 than heading down the New England highway 
  E                A    B      E 
 crusing down the New England Highway x2 

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