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I Do chords - Paul Brandt

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Transcribed by Dan Trepanier

I Do
Paul Brandt    Calm Before The Storm

Play with capo on 3rd fret.

I've seen the storm clouds in your past. 		[C,F,G]
But rest assured 'cause you are safe at home at last. [C,F,G]
I rescued you, you rescued me, 				[C,F,G]
and we're right where we should be 			[C,G,F]	
when were together 					[G]

I know the questions in your mind 			[C,F,G]
But go ahead and ask them one more time 		[C,F,G]
You'll find the answer's still the same 			[Am,Em,C,G,F]
It won't change from day to day 				[C,G,F]
For worse or better						[G]


Will I promise to be your best friend 			[C,Em,Am,G,F,G]
And am I here until the end 				[C,Em,Am,G,F,G]
Can I be sure I have been waiting for you		[Em,F,C,G]
And did I say my love is true 				[Em,F,C,F] 
Baby I will, I am, I can, I have, I do 			[C,Em,Am,G,F,G]

BREAK:		[C,Em,Am,G,F]

I know the time will disappear 				[C,F,G]
But this love we've building on will always be here 	[C,F,G]
No way that this is sinking sand 			[Am,Em,C,G,F]
On this solid rock we'll stand forever 			[C,G,F,G]

Baby I will, I am, I can, I have 				[C,Em,Am,G,F,G]
Oh, I will, I am, I can, I have 				[C,Em,Am,G,F,G]
Baby I will, I am, I can, I have, I do 			[C,Em,Am,G,F,G]

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