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The Sycamore Tree chords - Paul Brandt

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"The Sycamore Tree" by Paul Brandt
Album: That's the Truth
Transcribed by Alex Legere

Capo 3rd fret

Intro: Csus2 - C - G - D - Am (x2)

Em                                           D               Dsus2
In sticks down an old dirt road near a small Kentucky town
Em                        D    Dsus2
When his daddy would come home
Em                               D             Dsus2 
Out past the old red barn in the sycamore tree
Em                       D         Dsus2
Here's where little Zack would go
Em                       D         Dsus2
And high above the guilt and pain
Em                         D        Dsus2    D
The only place that he was safe


Csus2    C             G                D         Am
Was high above, in the strong arms of a sycamore tree
Csus2     C            G        D   Am
You could hear a small voice in the wind
Csus2  C             G       D       Am
Saying please; don't let him do that to me
Csus2   C          G
Praying to be born again
       D         Am
In the sycamore tree

Time went on as it always does and his daddy's time had come
How it felt was hard to say
He often wondered how he'd ever make it through
But as they burried him that day - yeah
	He realized "It's not my fault"
	And as the leaves began to fall

From high above, in the strong arms of a sickamore tree
You could hear forgiveness in the wind
Sing it out; find the truth and the truth will set you free
Broken chains and a heart on the mend
Neath the sickamore tree

And like an answer to his prayer
As he watched his child playin'

High above, in the strong arms of a sickamore tree
You could hear a small voice in the wind
Saying please; daddy won' t you come and play with me
In the sickamore tree
The sickamore tree

Forgiveness will set you free
Forgiveness; forgiveness
Forgiveness will set you free
Forgiveness; forgiveness

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