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Drinking Class chords - Lee Brice

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Lee Brice Sheet music
                Capo 1

C Am F C

We're up when the rooster crows
Clock in when the whistle blows
Eight hours ticking slow
C                       G               C
And then tomorrow we'll do it all over again
C                             Am
I'm a member of a blue collar crowd
Am                                    F
They can never, no they can't keep us down
F                         C
If you gotta, gotta label me
Label me 'proud'

I belong to the drinking class
Monday to Friday, man, we bust our backs
If you're one of us, raise your glass
I belong to the drinking class

We laugh, we cry, we love
Go hard when the going's tough
Push back on push and shove
Knock us down, we'll get back up again and again
I'm a member of a good timing crowd
We get rowdy, we get wild and loud
If you gotta, gotta label me
Label me 'proud'


We all know why we're here
A little fun, a little music, a little whiskey, a little beer
We're gonna shake off those long week blues
Ladies, break out your dancing shoes
It don't matter what night it is, it's Friday
It's Saturday, it's Sunday
I just wanna hear you say, I just wanna hear you sing it
Y'all sing it with me

Chorus 1:
We belong to the drinking class
Monday to Friday, man, we bust our backs
If you're one of us raise your glass
I belong to the drinking class 

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