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Happy Endings chords - Lee Brice

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Lee Brice Sheet music
                Capo 2nd fret


Pick out a D and hit low E on second and 
third frets (helps to catch it with the 
thumb)...pretty random pickin' on the intro, 
you can strum D if you want...didn't go that far into detail.

Verse 1: (During the verses, play a G power chord softly 
                or palm mute it)

Well I love her and she's leaving 
She met a man, plays in a band, last weekend 
And he lives out on the west coast 
She says she's gotta go 


            D         G                A         D
But it's a long, long way from Myrtle Beach to L.A. 

D             G            A   
Anything could change her mind

D     G      A     Bm 
One sunset or one regret

          G                            A 
She could turn around, come back, and be mine

       G              A       D 
Happy endings happen all the time 

Verse 2: 

She's almost finished packing 
It's over 2,000 miles- a lot can happen 
There's gonna be days and days of long stretches 
Maybe she'll come back to her senses 

REPEAT CHORUS (except on this last line, go back to G power on "time")...

     G               A         G (power)             
Happy endings happen all the time 

...and keep it going through this whole small 3rd verse.

Well I ain't waitin' on no phonecall 
I ain't gettin' my hopes up at all 
And I ain't settin' myself up for a fall 

REPEAT CHORUS (palm muted until "one sunset")

      G                         A
Then everything would be just fine

      G               A       D      
Happy endings happen all the time 

Lee Brice ChordsLee Brice Lyrics

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