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Bounty v2 chords - Dean Brody

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D                                                         G
I'd say I'm a lover not a fighter, I'd never stare nobody down
                                  A                                    D
Til one night my girl I could not find her, she never made it back from town
I found my Shannon cryin in the woods, a wicked man he held her down
                                   A.                             D
I stuck him deep an I buried him good, not deep enough to fool the hounds

D.                                     G.         D
We took shelter in a chapel neath the blood moon sky, 
                         A.       D
I bought a gun an made Shannon my wife
                          G.         D
We jumped in a box car to old mexico......
                                 A.           D
Where I aint worth a penny on my bounty back home
                               A.           D
No I ain't worth a penny on my bounty back home.
D.                                                           G
That train stopped in Tijuana, we built a shack beneath the sun
                       A.                                    D
I make my Shannon margaritas, we watch our childre laugh and
Sometimes I miss my daddy, sometimes I miss my mom
                                A.                          D
I think they'd be real proud of me, to know the man that Iv become



D.          G.   D.               A.   D.               G.   D.     A.   G
Train train roll on.. Train train roll on.. Train train roll on.. Roll..on..
D.                 G.        D
Shannon why'd you run with me? . . . . She said
D.                                 G.         D
What was I supposed to do boy just watch you leave
D.                                A.         D
You'd a broken my heart, you'd a haunted my dreams
D.               G.     D.                           A.   D
Your love boy is all I need, your love boys all I'll ever need

............  Where we ain't worth a penny on our bounty back home
No we ain't worth a penny on our bounty back home.

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