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The Porch chords - Dean Brody

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Lately you've been in my dreams
(Dsus2)Walking up and down these (G)halls
You crying eyes they look at (A)me (Asus4)
They say why and then your gone

(D*)And then were standing in a field
Where I hold you in my (G)arms
It's the best day of are (A)lives (Asus4)
I say I love you girl then your gone (Dsus2)

(G)All day long I (A)convince myself that (Dsus2)leaving you was (G)right
When the (G)sun goes down and the (A)lights go out
My (Dsus2)dreams tell me I (A)lied (Asus4)

So baby here I stand
(Dsus2)Heart in hand out here (G)on your porch
You don't have to hear me (A)out (Asus4)
I just wanted you to know

(G)All day long I (A)convince myself that (Dsus2)leaving you was (G)right
When the (G)sun goes down and the (A)lights go out
My (Dsus2)dreams tell me I (A)lied (Asus4)
I lied
(Dsus2) (G) (A) (Asus4)

And I let you strike my face
(Dsus2)See your tears roll like (G)rain
And I watch you close that (A)door (Asus4)
And slowly open it again (Dsus2)

And you (G)kiss me like you (A)never have
Like I (Dsus2)never made you (G)cry
Let the (G)sun go down and the (A)lights go out
I will (G)dream of you (A)tonight
I need you (Dsus2)baby (G) (A)
I love you (D*)baby (G) (A)
Forgive me baby (D*) 

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