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Thicker Than Blood chords

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To be found on the CD : Scarecrow
Written By Jenny Yates and Garth Brooks

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Intro :   e |-2--------------------|----------------------|
          b |-3-----3--3--------3--|-0-----0--2-----------|
          g |-2--2-----2-----2-----|-0-----0--2--------2--|
          D |-0--------------------|----0-----------------|
          A |----------------------|----------0-----------|
          E |----------2-----------|-3--------------------|
              D       D/F#           G        A

          e |-2-----2--------------|----------------------|
          b |-3--------3--------3--|-0--------------------|
          g |-2--2-----2-----2-----|-0--------------------|
          D |-0--------------------|----------------------|
          A |----------------------|----------------------|
          E |----------2-----------|-3--------------------|
              D       D/F#           G

D Bm Verse 1 : She was born in Kansas City, raised in Arkansas G D A Fell in love with an Ex-Marine D Bm She already had three babies; he had one of his own Em D/F# A ( A4_A ) They came together for another and me G A Our family never shared the same last name G A But our family was a family the same, and they say D Bm Refrain : Blood is thicker than water Em A D ( D4_D ) Oh, but love is thicker than blood D Bm Verse 2 : Wreck out on the highway, rain falling down G D A Lord, he must have fell asleep at the wheel D Bm There's a number of people just standing around Em D/F# A ( A4_A ) Lord I can't condemn the fear that they feel Bm Bm/A G For that river of red could be the death of me Em D/F# G A God, give me strength and keep reminding me that D Bm Refrain : Blood is thicker than water Em A D Oh, but love is thicker than blood G D Bridge : And if blood is thicker than water C D Well then what are we fighthing for G F#m We're all sons and daughters G Gmaj7/E A Of something that means so much more D Bm Verse 3 : I see it on my TV but I can't understand G D A Lord it's one big contradiction to me D Bm How in God's name we love thy neighbor with fists in our hands Em D/F# A And kill each other when we just don't agree G A Why can't we see the walls we can't see through G A And see what God's been telling me and you, and that is D Bm Refrain : Blood is thicker than water Em7 A ( D ) Oh, but love, love is thicker than blood Fill : | D - D/F# - | G - A - | D - D/F# - | G - - - | D Bm Outro : She was born in Kansas City, raised in Arkansas Gmaj7 D Fell in love with an Ex-Marine Additional Chords : A4 D/F# D4 Gmaj7/E Gmaj7 Em7 Bm/A e 0|--- e 2|-x- e 3|--x e 2|-x- e 2|-x- e 0|--- e 2|-x-- b 3|--x b 3|--x b 3|--x b 3|--x b 0|--- b 3|--x b 3|--x- g 2|-x- g 2|-x- g 2|-x- g 0|--- g 0|--- g 0|--- g 4|---x D 2|-x- D x|--- D 0|--- D x|--- D 0|--- D 0|--- D 4|---x A 0|--- A x|--- A x|--- A x|--- A 2|-x- A 2|-x- A 0|---- E x|--- E 2|-x- E x|--- E 0|--- E 3|--x E 0|--- E x|----

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