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Next To That Woman chords - Kix Brooks

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                (No Capo)

Intro.:  |(D) |(C) |(G) |(D)

When (D)I was young my buddies (C)used to call (G) me Jesse James
Living with the hammer down, (C) just (D)trying to beat the train
I'd jump them tracks, don't look (C)back, (G)leave the law behind
A finger out the window (C)while that (D)police siren whines

Hey, (D)crazy's something that I (C)know, (G)hell I been to Mexico
(C)Juarez ain't got (G)nothing on that (D)woman
And fast ain't nothing new to (C)me, I've (G)been to Bristol Tennessee
Them (C)boys are standing (G)still next to that (D)woman

She's (D)smiling like it's Sunday and (C)she's (G)singing in the choir
Them curves of hers are smokin' and (C)she's (D)trying to start a fire
Yeah, the way she's looking at me (C)I know (G)I should run and hide
Instead I'm thinking hello Bonnie, (C) (D)you can call me Clyde

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, (A)when the good Lord made her, man, He did it mighty well
If (C)he's got something better, must have (G)kept it for Himself
And I'd (C)walk through hell to (G)be next to that (D)woman

Inst.:  / / (C)|(G)  |(G)(C)|(D)

The (D)freight train never hit me 'cause (C)I (G)made it 'cross the rails
And I never went to prison, 'cause (C)my (D)brother made my bail
And (D)how she's gonna get me, (C)well I guess (G)it just depends
I haven't seen this movie (C)but I (D)know the way it ends, yeah

Repeat Chorus x 2

Outro.:  |(D) |(C) |(G) |(D) ----

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