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Tattoo chords - Kix Brooks

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                (No Capo)

Intro.:  |(A) / (C)(A)|(A) / / / |(A) / (C)(G)|(G) / / / | x 2

I (A)met her on a tailgate, told me she was sweet on me (C)(D)|(D)
And she (A)said I've got something that I think you might like to see (C)(D)|(D)
Yeah, I (A)got a little peek driving in my car and she (D)finally let me see it out behind the bar
She (G)said her daddy'd kill us (F#)both if he ever (F)knew
Yeah, I'm (E)talking 'bout my baby's (A)tattoo

Solo:  / (C)(D)|(D) / / / |(A) / (C)(G)|(G) / /

If you (A)ever get to see it, well, you're gonna wanna see it again (C)(D)|(D)
And it (A)looks a little different just depending on the way she bends (C)(D)|(D)
But it's the (A)cutest little thing that I've ever seen on a (D)model in a movie or a magazine
(G)Funny how some ink'll make you (F#)think, there's nothing she (F)won't do
Yeah, I'm (E)talking 'bout my baby's (A)tattoo

Solo:  / (C)(D)|(D) / / / |(A) / (C)(G)|(G) / /

(D)Ooo ooo, it (C)looks so (D)good, (A)makes me crazy, baby, tell me what would
(D)Make a sweet thing like (G)you get a thing like (A) that (What were you thinking)

(D)Couple crazy girlfriends out on a dare, drinking margaritas like they just don't care
(F)Next thing you know well you're (G)sitting in a chair
And (C)trying to remember what he's (D)drawing down there (Oh, no)

Solo:  |(A) / (C)(A)|(A) / / / |(A) / (C)(G)|(G) / / / |
        |(D) |(C) |(A) |(A) |(D) |(C) |(F) |(E) |
        |(A) / (C)(D)|(D) / / / |(A) / (C)(G)|(G) / / / |

I can't (A)tell you what it looks like, I can't tell you where it is (C)(D)|(D)
And (A)chances are you're never gonna see it so I'll tell you this (C)(D)|(D)
It's not a (A)rose on her ankle, not a heart on her hand, but it'll (D) put a smile on the face of any man
The (G)kind of thing that'll still look hot (F#) when she's ninety (F)two
Yeah, I'm (E)talking 'bout my baby's (A)tattoo / (C)(D)|(D) / / / |(A) / (C)(G)|(G) / /

Yeah, talking 'bout my baby's (A)tattoo / (C)(D)|(D) / / / |(A) / (C)(G)|(G) / /

(A) Ooo (C)baby, (D)it looks so good, (A)makes me (C)crazy, (G)honey tell me what would
(A) Make a sweet (C)thing (D)like you get a thing like (A) that / (C)(G)|(G) / /

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