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My Wife Thinks Youre Dead chords - Junior Brown

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Recorded by Junior Brown

[D] It's good to see you, baby, it's been a long, long while
We're both a whole lot older and seen a lot of miles
But [G] things are really different now, since the good old days
And [D] you've been in some trouble, since we went our separate ways
We'll [A7] have to say hello, maybe some [G] other time instead
'Cause you're [D] wanted by the Police
   And [A7] my wife thinks you're [D] dead.

Somebody spread the rumor that you had lost your life
That's the way I heard it and what I told my wife
Now, here you're showin' up again and talk is gettin' 'round
And I can see that one of us will have to leave this town
If you think that I want trouble, then you're crazy in your head
'Cause you're wanted by the Police and my wife thinks you're dead.

You never called or wrote me, just up and disappeared
Nobody knew what happened, where you been for all these years
Well, trouble's what you lookin' like, so, trouble where you been
And I can see the kind of trouble you could get me in
You better pay attention to ev'ry word I said
'Cause you're wanted by the Police and my wife thinks you're dead.

So, goodbye to you baby, I'm glad we go to talk
But I'm faithful to my wife and I don't ever break the law
I don't know where ya headed for but I know where you been
We reminisced, now, let's just go our separate ways again
Go find another ex-sweetheart to hang around instead
'Cause you're wanted by the Police and my wife thinks you're dead.

TAG:  I said, you're wanted by the Police and my wife thinks you're dead.

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