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Sugarfoot Rag chords - Junior Brown

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song; sugarfoot rag
writer:hank garland/vaughn horton
album: junior high
artist: junior brown is how iv'e figured out how to play this ultra fast song. now
keep in mind, in concert junior doesnt play this the same way twice, and
since this is a jam, except for a few parts that are recalled during the
song, many parts are improvised and repeated.this is the 'rougher' 
version from junior high. i will transcribe the 12 shades of brown 
version later(its basically the same, but without as much overdrive)

opening lick:(haulin'ass!)
---12/\/\------rake strings----x-------------------------2-------
here is the main theme which is recalled many times during the song:
(w/slight variations many times)
play main theme then this which is recalled later several times along 
with the main theme:
---------------------------repeat 3x      ------------
/3-/3--------3-------------w/variations   ----1-1-----
/4-/4--0/2/4---4\2-0-2-0---then this lick --0-2-0-----
---------------------------ends with>>>>  ------------
---------------------------               ------------
---------------------------               ------------

then this is played before you go back into main theme:
----3-0-3-0-------------/3\1------back to main theme
after main theme play this. hold the bends on the g stringand let them
ring out as you play the other notes on the e&b strings....
----3------3-3---3---3------3---3----------cont. w/variations..

2/-------2/\-0-/12\0-this part is repeated several 	
			       times using hammers and pulls
                                       for best results, fret the low
                                       e string with your thumb...
***bend only the notes on the g string***
---------------------------------------------------------------------------3------6-----10-----13---->>---climb to>-------------20---20--20------
0-2--0-3--0-4--------------then -------------19----19--19---ETC...
---------------------------many times-----------------------------
then..bend g string&hold while playing the other 2 notes

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