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I Keep It Under My Hat chords by Sonny Burgess

Sonny Burgess Chords

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Sonny Burgess
Album: When In Texas

Capo 4th Fret

Note: D7/Eb =  xx1212

Intro :  (G)  (G/F#) (Em) (C) (D)

It (G) looks a (G/F#) little (Em) weathered, so (C) it looks good on (D) me
But (G) since you've (G/F#) left I'm (Em) wearin' this (C) old hat different(D)ly
(C) Pain, wind, (G/B) rain and (Am) sun, it (C) keeps out (G/B) all but (D) one

  So I kept the (G) brim pulled down (D)
  Whenever those (C) teardrops came ar(D)ound
  So nobody (G) else could see (D)
  Just what your (C) leavin's done to (D) me
  I (D7/Eb) know I can't (Em) hide (C)
  But (G) baby I've (D) still got my (C) pride
  When your memory comes (G) back
  (D) I keep it under my (G) hat

Last night, I thought I'd go out I don't know where my head was at
I had to turn around go back and get my hat
And I was glad I did when I saw you with him


  When your memory comes (G) back
  (D) I keep it under my (G) hat

Sonny Burgess ChordsSonny Burgess Lyrics

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