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It Must Have Been Something I Said chords - Sonny Burgess

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Sonny Burgess
Album: When In Texas
2001, Music City Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
3:13 AM 12/22/2004

Capo 3rd Fret

Intro: (Gadd9)  (Gadd9)

(G) Everyone said she was (Em) out of my league
(C) She would never fall for a (D) guy like me
Her (G) daddy had money, her (Em) mama had class
Said I'd (C) need a foriegn car, and a (D) pocket full of cash
But, (C) I won her heart with (D) 20 bucks
A (C) 9 o'clock show and an (Dsus4) ugly tr(D)uck

  There were no (Cadd9) vi(D)ol(Gadd9)ins
  No (Cadd9) candle (D) light, like there (Gadd9) should've been
  (Em) No red wine, to (D) go to her (Cadd9) head
  So it must've been (D) something I (G) said (Em)
  It (Cadd9) must've been (D) something I (Gadd9) said

I (G) can't explain what (Em) happened that night
There's (C) nothing romantic 'bout (D) burgers and fries
But we (G) wound up sittin' on (Em) my tailgate
Singing (C) Alabama songs, skippin' (D) rocks on the lake
I (C) carved her name in a (D) Cottonwood tree
Next (C) thing I knew, she was (D) kissing me
(C) Why she did is still a (Dsus4) myster(D)y

Repeat Chorus

We (Cadd9) talked about the moon
Talked about milkshakes
(Gadd9) Earthquakes and old cartoons
I (Cadd9) told her my dreams
She talked about the weather
I (A) said I thought that love should last for(D)ever

Repeat Chorus

  It (Cadd9) must've been (D) something I (Gadd9) said (Em) 
  It (Cadd9) had to be (D) something I (Gadd9) said 

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