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The Angel Of Goliad chords - Brian Burns

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                Capo 2 

D Dsus2 D Dsus4 D Dsus2 D  

Verse 1: 

NC                      Cadd9     G 
Some days I remember 
                        D    Dsus2  D  Dsus4 
Some days I forget 
Dsus4                    Bm    Bsus2      Bm 
Every notch on my pistol 
              G             A          Asus2    A 
and not one damn regret 
            A    G    G/F#     Em           C 
Oh but I've come   a      long  way 
                                  D   D/C#  D/B    Asus4 
from the old dreams I had 
thank god for the whiskey 
              A            D     Dsus2     D      
and the angel of goliad 

Verse 2: 

We were meant to be martyrs 
In a war of ideals 
But now all is peaceful 
in the forts and the fields 
Except when the night winds 
Cry lonesome and sad 
Thank god for the whiskey 
and the angel of goliad 

Verse 3: 

Sometimes I hear hoofbeats 
Out there in the dark 
Like old Santa Ana 
Riding in from New York 
And I still curse the bastard 
People think I've gone mad 
Thank God for the whiskey 
and the Angel of Goliad 

Verse 4: 

Now I'm just an old man (some day we'll fly) 
and my best days are gone  (to a far distant land) 
nobody knows me (but angels and outlaws) 
and it's time to move on (and walk hand in hand) 
This whole world is changing 
for good and for bad 
Thank God for the whiskey 
and the Angel of Goliad 


NC                      Cadd9     G 
Some days I remember 
                        D    Dsus2   D 
Some days I forget

[Thanks to GIGI for tabs]

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