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All I Ever Wanted chords - Jim Burns

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                  All I Ever Wanted - (My Dad) by James E. Burns, September 26, 2002    
  ( Intro )  (D) (Em) (A) (D)// (Em) (A) (D)

  ( 1 ) - (D) When I was young and (Em) just a wee lad,
  I (A) wanted to grow up and (D) be like my Dad.     
  He (D) taught me things I would (Em) need to be 
  A (A) good provider for my (D) family. (D) (Em) (A) (D)

  ( 2 ) - (D) Ever since I was a (Em) very young man, 
  He (A) was always there with a (D) helping hand.                                           
  He (D) taught me how to sur(Em)vive and fight, 
  He (A) taught me how to treat a (D) lady right. (D) (Em) (A) (D)

  ( Chorus )
  (D) All I ever wanted my (Em) Dad to be, 
  Was (A) just a little bit (D) proud of me.                                                          
  (D) All I ever wanted my (Em) Dad to do, 
  Was to (A) show me how to be a (D) good man too. (D) (Em) (A) (D)

  ( 3 ) - (D) When I was young I (Em) remember he 
  (A) Was at times too (D) hard on me.                                 
  (D) Now I am older I (Em) know that he 
  (A) Did what he thought was (D) right for me. (D) (Em) (A) (D)
  ( 4 ) - (D) I’m sorry Dad for (Em) things I did bad, 
  It (A) broke my heart to (D) make you sad.                                         
  I (D) never once meant to (Em) cause you shame, 
  (A) I'm so damn proud to (D) share your name. (D) (Em) (A) (D) ( Chorus ) 

  ( 5 ) - I (D) looked into his eyes and (Em) I could see 
  The (A) hopes and dreams he (D) had for me.                                      
  To (D) say "I love you son” was (Em) hard to say 
  (A) He showed his love in his (D) own special way. (D) (Em) (A) (D) ( Chorus )

  ( Outro )
  (D) When I think of my Dad and (Em) what I see, 
  I (A) see a little bit of (D) him in me.   
  (D) When I think of my Dad and (Em) what I see,
  The (A) man who gave his love and his (D) name to me. (D) (Em) (A) (D)

  Copyright © 2003 James E. Burns

[Thanks to Jim Burns for tabs]

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