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I Remember Mom and Dad chords - Jim Burns

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                I Remember Mom and Dad
Words & Music by James E. Burns, April 1st, 2006

(Intro) (D) (A) (G) (D)

( 1 )
I re(D)member Mom and (A) Dad (G) and those days of (D) when
The (Em) family gets to(G)gether (C) every now and (A) then
We (D) share our favorite (A) stories and for(G)gotten times a(D)gain 
Of (Em) just how lucky (G) we had been (A) for our time with (D) them

( 2 )
I re(D)member Mom and (A) Dad how (G) lucky we had (D) been
(Em) Even when they (G) thought we (C) needed disci(A)pline.
They’d (D) take us to a (A) fair a (G) movie or the (D) park
And (Em) chase away the (G) scary (A) monsters of the (D) dark.

( 3 )
I re(D)member Mom and (A) Dad made (G) sure that we got (D) fed
(Em) Even sayin' (G) prayers (C) when we went to (A) bed
Making (D) sure we’d brush our (A) teeth and (G) clean behind our (D) ears.
They (Em) helped us learn to (G) face and (A) understand our (D) fears.

( 4 )
I re(D)member Mom and (A) Dad they (G) help me to this (D) day
(Em) Though it's been a (G) while (C) since they passed a(A)way
They're for (D) ever in our (A) hearts (G) and our memo(D)ries
I (Em) hope that my own (G) child will (A) feel the same for (D) me

( Outro )
There's no (D) greater gift a (A) child that's (G) loved will ever (D) know
To (Em) have their Mom and (G) Dad to(C)gether as they (A) grow
(D) If I had a (A) wish, I'd (G) wish for in this (D) world
A (Em) loving Mom and (G) Dad for (A) every boy and (D) girl.

Copyright © 2006 James E Burns

[Thanks to Jim Burns for tabs]

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