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Chestnut Mare chords - Byrds

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D  A6  Bm  G  G/F#bass  A7  A7sus  Em  C   C/Bbass

2  2   2   3   3        0   0      0   x    x
3  2   3   3   3        2   3      0   1    1
2  2   4   0   0        0   0      0   0    0
0  4   4   0   0        2   2      2   2    2
0  x   x   2   2        0   0      2   3    2
x  x   x   3   2        x   x      0   x    x

D   A6   Bm   
Always alone, 

G     G/F#bass   A7
never with a     herd

D         A6        Bm          
Prettiest mare I've ever seen,

G      G/F#bass        A7
you'll have to take my word

G   G/F# bass Em         A7         D  A6  Bm
I'm going to  catch that horse if I can

G   G/F# bass Em         A7         D  A6  Bm
and when I    do I'll give her my brand

D          A6             Bm
Well I was up on Stony Ridge

G          G/F#bass       Em                   A7
after this chestnut mare, been chasing her for weeks

D          A6             Bm
Oh I'd catch a glimpse of her every once in a while

G     G/F#bass   Em    A7 (A7sus A7)  D
taking her meal, bathing, fine lady

A6             Bm
This one day I happen to be real close to her 

G                         G/F#bass Em
and I saw her standing over there

    A7               D   A6 Bm
so I snuck up on her nice and easy

                G G/F#bass 
got my rope out

Em                      A7
and I flung it in the air!


G   G/F# bass Em         A7         D  A6  Bm
I'm going to  catch that horse if I can

G   G/F# bass Em         A7         D  A6  Bm
and when I    do I'll give her my brand

G   G/F#bass Em
And we'll be friends for life

G      G/F#bass       Em
She'll be just like a wife

G   G/F#bass Em         A7         D  A6  Bm
I'm going to catch that horse if I can

And I got her and I'm pulling on her
And she's pulling back like this mule going up a ladder
And I take a choice and I jump right up on her
Damned if I don't land right on top of her
And she takes off, running up onto the ridge 
higher than I've ever been before
She's running along just fine
'til she stops and something spooked her
it's a sidewinder, all coiled and ready to strike
she doesn't know what to do for a second, 
but then, she jumps off the edge, me holding on

(Canyon music!)

D    (A bass, B bass) C           C/B bass    Em     
Above the hills, higher than eagles were gliding

(Ebass, F# bass) 
G                D
suspended in the sky

over the hill

(A bass, B bass)
C                C/B bass     Em
straight for the sun we were riding

(E bass, F# bass)
G            G/F# bass      Asus
my eyes were filled    with light

behind those black walls

(A bass, B bass) C C/B bass    Em
below was a bottomless canyon

(Ebass, F# bass) 
G                D
floating with no sound

ghosts far below 

(A bass, B bass)
C            C/B bass Em
seemed to be suddenly rising

G         G/F#bass  Asus
exploding all around


We were falling 
down this crevice 
about about a mile down it seem
and I looked down 
And I see this red thing below us coming up real fast
and it's our reflection that's 
this little pool of water about six feet wide and one foot deep
We're falling down right through it
We hit, we splashed it dry
that's when I lost my hold 
and she got away
but I'm gonna try and get her again some day


Len Moskowitz


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Buy Byrds CD

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