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I Knew Id Want You chords - Byrds

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                Date: 14 Jan 1997 23:29:29 GMT

Hello all,

Here's a great Gene Clark song from 1965's The Byrds.  Peace.


                I Knew I'd Want You - The Byrds
                         (Gene Clark)


 / Em / Em / D / D /
 / Em / Em / D / D /

Em               D        C                  G
    I'd like to love you     with all of my heart
                      F         Em                   A
    You've had me on your trip       right from the start
C                Em           C                    Em
    And when you looked at me    with love in your eyes
       F             D      D7
    I knew I'd want you oh yeah

Em               D        C                  G
    I'd like to hold you      if you want me to
                       F         Em                      A
    I found something new girl        just by looking at you
C                     Em     C                  Em
    And it's in your smile      and it's in the way
       F             D      D7
    I knew I'd want you oh yeah

C                   G       F                 Em
    I meet so many people      I feel I don't know
C                   G           F                     D   Dsus4  DaddA
    But I felt so close to you      when you said hello----oh-----oh

Em               D        C                      G
    I'd like to love you      and together we'd find
                          F          Em                              A
    the place we've been looking for      where we'll have peace of mind
C                       Em     C                       Em
    And there we'll be happy       and there I'll know why
       F             D      D7      F    E
    I knew I'd want you oh yeah oh yeah___

(ending lick):

e --9--7--------------------
B --------9--7-----7s9------
G --------------9-----------
D --------------------------
A --------------------------
E --------------------------


Dsus4: x00233
DaddA: x00235


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