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Cole chords - Adam Carroll

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                Capo 2

(G)Cole sits in prison(C)God save his(G)soul
Served six years in Huntsville with(D)ninety-nine to go
(G)Cole killed a banker for a(C)watch and some(G)cash
Now his thoughts fall on stone floor with(D)cigarette(G)ash

And a(C)young sons got(G)nothin but(D)blood on his(G)hands
By the(C)grave that he(G)made for an(D)old wealthy(G)man
His(C)mother is(G)weepin she’s a(D)pitiful(G)sight
But he(C)says he met(G)Jesus in his(D)jail cell(C)tonight

Guards close the big gate with the turn of a hinge
While a lonely old widow sleeps with revenge
Cole sleeps with sunsets and bright midnight stars
And the rhythm of night sticks tappin the bars


He lives in his memories he’s got a wife of two years
Her black and white photo is stained with his tears
She left him for Tulsa she Goddamned him to hell
Now she stares at the mirror in a rat trap motel


He blends with the inmates they all look the same 
They don’t like his face cause they don’t know his name
He’s cursed by the warden he’s calmed by the priest
Where he fights with his conscience for his sins to release
Don’t you cry for me mama my days came and went
Now the chamber is empty and the last shells been spent
Look in on my wife and give her your care
And if I get to heaven I know ill see you there


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