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Hunters Song chords - Adam Carroll

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                Hunter's Song
Adam Carroll

Capo 1

            D                                      C                G
There was a baby boy and he made some noise in the moonlight with a drum
          D                                 C                     G
I heard a cheer and an empty beer for every song with the band he sung
       C                          D                        G                   C
It's a b***h, it's a grin, it's a luck, it's a sin growin' up with a good time band
    A                                                       D
But keep keeping on with the beat of your drum cause you're keeping in time like a man

C                           D
Hunter take the good times, Hunter take the bad times
G                              C
Send 'em down the road in a VW bus
G                          D
Sitting in the back of the bus
With your circle of friends
  C                        D
I always did like you, one day they're gonna mic you
            G                           C
And they're gonna read about you in the magazines
      G                      D
But I never seen another one like you 
        C            D      G
And you know I never will again

It's hard to get along when your same damn songs don't say just what you mean anymore
You cannot sleep in a motel room with the white lines at your door
But you got a message to deliver, got the road and the river to help you with the pain
The road's not home and your heart's wide open but the river's got your last name


We get road hard whipped down standing in the rain with our own kind of blues
But I can see a rainbow looking in your eyes and reflected off your pair of shoes
Every boy every girl gets a piece of the world and you're gonna get yours someday
Maybe pass it on through to a moon-eyed girl in a bar in Santa Fe


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