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Holding On To Something chords - Jeff Carson

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Jeff Carson Sheet music

Holding On To Something
By Jeff Carson
Intro:  D  G  C  D   D  C9
There's a little girl I want to make her mine 
                                              G/B    C9
What she wants I don't know
If red means stop and green means go 
                                       C          G
Her light is always yellow

I'm wrapped around her finger 

She's slipping through my hands
Everytime I think I got her, I gotta think again
            D                                 G/B  C9                       D
          G     C    G 
c. I'm holding on the something                  that keeps letting me go
G             D                          G/B  C9             D             G
         C     G
Just a whole lot of heartache                 at the end of my rope
I Fall a little harder everytime I drop
C9                                   G 
But I keep reaching cause I just can't stop
D                                  C              G               D
Holding on to something, that keeps letting me go
C9    D
She calls me on the phone says she's all alone
                                      G/B  C9
Feeling kind of lonely
Said she can't wait said don't be late 
                                         C     G
I promise her I won't be
Ten minutes later I'm standing at her door
She's saying never mind I ain't lonely anymore

repeat chorus:
D  G  C  G  D  G/B  C9  D  G  C  G
repeat chorus:

Jeff Carson ChordsJeff Carson Lyrics

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